Envys Story:
Envy's story is not a happy beginning. Envy was purchased and was meant to become a breeding machine. She lived a life in a kennel, she never had toys, and she was forced to potty all over herself. Her "masters" were cruel, and they were abusive. Envy was bred on her first heat, and she had a litter of 9 puppies. Only 8 lived. Mary, our co-founder, found out about Envy, and her mission became saving these helpless babies, and their loving mommy. That was when Mary met Aubrey. Today Envy has discovered that potty outside is much better, and toys are A LOT of fun. Her puppies all made it into safe and loving homes, which makes Envy a VERY happy girl. Envy's story is not unlike a lot of dogs, but she was lucky enough to get a happy ending.
Envys Angels Animal Rescue
"saving the world one pit bull at a time."‚Äč